Babinje – baby shower – wish list

Since a lot of you want to visit us and meet Catherine and also asked us what Catherine would like or want, we’ve prepared a list of some things we have and certainly don’t need and the ones we don’t have and need.

What we need:
1. if you like babies and are willing to help us, you can offer us an hour (or more :-)) of babysitting. You can babysit by yourself or e.g. rent a Red Cross Babysitting service.

2. if you’re living in Germany and are coming by car, you could bring us a package of pampers (size 4) which are 50% cheaper than in CH.

3. voucher (Gutschein) from baby stores, like e.g. Dpam, babywalz or Pastorini.

4. toys for the baby beginning from 12 months. We prefer the wooden toys (Holzspielzeugs).

5. Clothes beginning with the size 80.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We don’t have anything against borrowed, used and second-hand clothes. 🙂

What we already have and therefore don’t need:

1. Spieluhr

2. Schnuller and Schnullerkette

3. Rassel (rattles) and a lot of toys for the small babies in general.

4. some soft toys (stuffed animals), like elephant, dog, teddy bear etc.

5. enough clothes up to the size 62

6. crib mobile

7. kirschsteinsäckchen… (the sack that is used for warming up the baby’s tummy)

8. baby bed-linen

9. sleeping begs size 60 and 70

10. baby (bath) towels

11. Wärmeflasche12. Stillkissen

13. Lätzchen (bibs) = portikle

14. Weleda Stillöl and Massageöl (for Catherine’s mom :))

15. Schmusetuch (“security buddy”)

16. a lot of baby socks

What we REALLY don’t want for our baby girl:

1. Barbie doll. We prefer dolls like this one.

2. Toys like “speaking phone“, “speaking farm” etc. Maybe they are interesting at the beginning, but we’ve heard from our family and friends that they can be very annoying. 🙂


2 Responses to “Babinje – baby shower – wish list”

  1. Moo Says:

    :)))))))) Veći deo nisam razumela. Nažalost, ne mogu da dođem, pa nema frke da vam vratim udarac za koji niste ni krivi, u obliku Barbike.

    Ipak, mamici, Makilici, prepuručujem da nađe jastuk za dojenje, obično dugačak jastuk kao glista (do 70 cm) punjen pirinčem, koji može da se obmota oko tela i ispod ruke taman da je zgodan da se majka podupre u tom čudnom i napornom položaju.

    da li znaš na šta mislim?

  2. makilica Says:

    Da, Moo, imam taj jastuk = Stillkissen na nemackom. 🙂 Hvala PUNO na savetu. 🙂

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