3 months old baby and what happened so far …

Time flies and Catherine is already 3 months old. During this time we experienced, learned and felt so much. We are extremely happy and the whole happiness can’t be described in words. 🙂

I would say that writing about your pregnancy is “a piece of cake” cause you are writing only about yourself, but when you have a baby you probably don’t want to write about him/her in the terms you wrote about yourself. That is why there was a short pause on this blog. I thought for a long time if I should continue writing about baby and us and at the end I decided that it would be nice to post informations and experiences which could be valuable to other parents in Switzerland and especially Zurich, but also to the parents in Serbia or wherever. :-)) Actually I will try to continue my “spreading informations” mission. 🙂

Basically there are so many things you can do with/for your child in Switzerland and mostly the informations are right in front of you: everyone starting with your child’s doctor, hospital, advisory service, regional office, the city government and of course the companies like e.g. Nestle and Pampers will inform you about (or send you) all possible stuff you need or don’t need, but it is nice to have some informations sorted out, right? 😉

First I would like to say something about where do we take walks with our baby. After our first walk, the second one was on 1. November when we went to the Mütter- und Väterberatung for the first time. Actually that first time Catherine’s dad was also with us (since he had 4 weeks off after my delivery) which drew the glances of other mothers to us. I guess it is “normal” that only mothers go to the consultant. Whatever. 🙂

The advisory/consulting centers in Zurich are organized in every city district and in some of them work advisory VIPs 🙂 like Anna Urben who is writing for the “Wir Eltern” magazine and such. First I wanted to visit her but since a) she is not in my city district and also not reachable by foot from our home (in that case we couldn’t only walk :-)) and b) we don’t really have problems with our baby 🙂 meaning that our questions for the consultant are more or less typical and expected to be answered by “every” consultant, we decided that we will visit the consultant in our district and see what happens. I can tell you that she is very nice lady who gave me some valuable tips, though the most interesting thing is surely her experience and the ability to notice every possible baby’s move and to find the explanation for it. Anyway, it is advisable to go to the consultant in your district who would be your “basic” consultant and have a chance to get to know your baby although you can always go to someone else if you’re not satisfied with the first one. To size your baby (weight and size) you should visit the Mütterberatung every week with a newborn (until 3 months old) and afterwards old once a month with a 3-12 months old baby.

Also you can ask a question on the telephone or make an appointment at your home if you can’t make it to the advisory center. In that case I’m not sure if you have to pay something for the visit.

to be continued

PS: Die Parktante takes care of children who are 2-5 years old on a hourly basis.


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