What’s up (continued) …


Our third walk (now you would think that it is silly to count the walks 🙂 but maybe you can understand it when you know that she was only 2.5 weeks old at the time) was on November the 3rd when we went shopping for a groceries in our local supermarket. I started noticing how almost everyone is paying attention to parents with a baby/child in the trolley. I also started noticing other mothers or fathers with their children, it was similar to my pregnancy time when I would notice every pregnant woman . 🙂

Our forth walk was two days afterwards when I went for a coffee with a girl I met on SwissmomForum so I made my first experience with a baby in a café bar. Since it was a non-smoking bar on a Monday morning you can imagine us sitting with a bunch of elderly women who are trying to peek in the trolley and see the baby.

The next day we went for our next, fifth walk with a girl who was my roommate in the hospital after delivery. Now, this was a real walk! We followed the Panorama Weg from Triemli to the Albisgütli in Zurich. The weather was nice and sunny, a real pleasure. One of the next walks was again the same one but this time with a friend who has a 2.5 months older baby girl (so at the moment she is 5.5 months old).

What are we doing so far:

* Trying to get the place in the PEKIP course which is organized by “Elternbildungszentrum der Stadt Zürich“.

* From January the 30th we will attend a baby massage course (4 times x 90 minutes) in our local hospital. I am very excited about that!

* We were in Coop Nuggikino: movies organized once a month (Sunday matinée) by Coop for all parents and their babies up to 1 year old. BTW, Nuggi means pacifier (soother) in Swiss German. You can bring your baby together with you to the cinema and no one will say anything if it cries. Cool, isn’t it? 🙂 There is also a lot of space to change the diapers during the break and you also get some products from the Coop partner companies. We watched Enchanted which is actually a real fairytale comedy-of-situations movie and the baby was mostly calm and sleepy. Also if you need to breastfeed the baby noone will see cause it’s dark so you don’t have to hide 🙂 and if you are going to Arena Sihlcity you can make a reservation for a nice 2-persons-chair (they call if sofa but it’s just a small “sofa”) and make yourself cozy together with your baby.

PS: You can search for all events in Kanton Zurich here.



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