Eating and sleeping – 10 months baby

Wow, it’s been 7 months and I didn’t write anything so I’ll try to give you some news and informations.


when she was almost 6 months we started introducing solid food at noon. First it was carrots, and then carrots with potatoes, and then carrots-potatoes-zucchini. With 8 months we introduced meat and afterwards egg yolk.

Basically, you are allowed to add new ingredients every 3-7 days. I stuck on 7 days. 🙂

With 7 months we started with fruits in the afternoon, mixed with cereals, mainly millet (Hirse in german). With 8 months we introduced another solid meal in the evening (7 pm), mainly semolina powder (Griess). We are cooking her meals by ourselves or by only organic baby food, like Holle, Bimbosan, Bebivita etc.

Her schedule looks like this:

– 7h waking up

– 7:30 breakfast 150ml milk (I stopped breastfeeding when she was about 9 months old -> I didn’t have enough milk any more so we introduced the additional milk and afterward she got so used to it that she didn’t want to be breastfed any more).

– 11:30 lunch 150-200g mashed vegetables

– 15:00 “Zvieri” snack 150g fruits with vegetables

– 16:00 150 ml milk (obviosly she’s still hungry after her snack :))

– 19:00 100g Grieß or some other cereals with a bit of fruits

– 19:45 180-200ml milk with 3 table spoons of Grieß. We use Avent milk bottle with a 3-hole teat.


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